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January 2024

To our valued clients:

With the opening of tax season just weeks away, we thought it important to share some administrative, tax and office updates with you.

Filing Date: As of this memo going to press, the Internal Revenue Service and New York State have not announced any changes in the due dates. Personal taxes are due April 15, 2024.

Text Messaging: Please DO NOT send us tax information, images, IRS or NYS letters or other tax or private information via text message. Texting is not secure. All electronic communication must go through our secure email portal: We will not be responsible for omitted tax information that was sent via text.

Turnaround Time: Like all businesses, we too are having staffing challenges. It is especially difficult finding accounting and tax professionals. While our core staff is intact, the seasonal employee has all but disappeared. Processing your tax return will take longer this year.

Substantially all of your tax documents must be received by Monday, March 18, 2024. If you receive additional forms after that date, bring them in as soon as possible. Any tax return initially received after March 18, 2024, will need to go on extension.

Extensions: Remember that an extension is only for the actual filing of tax forms. It is not an extension of time to pay your tax or balance due.

If you have a balance due and do not pay it with the extension, you are subject to penalties and interest.

In order to calculate an extension payment, we will need most of your tax data. If a "no payment" extension is filed due to lack of information, the taxpayer will be responsible for any penalties or interest. If, after your extension is filed and additional information indicates more tax will be owed at filing, we are not responsible for any interest or penalties.

There will be a separate fee to calculate and prepare your extension.

We will not be responsible for penalties and late filing fees if you bring in your taxes or request an extension after March 18, 2024.

Professional Fees: Nobody likes to pay more. We have been and are continuing to do our best at reducing costs. However, this tax season, we are increasing tax preparation fees.

Payment is due when your taxes are picked up, mailed or emailed to you. We will not file your taxes without full payment.

Children's Filing Status: If your children are filing taxes, you must inform us of the filing status they used or provide us copies of the filed return. If the IRS rejects your tax return due to child filing status errors, there will be additional fees for us to re-prepare your tax return or respond to IRS letters.

Direct Deposit: Although your bank may not have changed, we must have a voided check to verify your account information.

Mailing and Credit Card Fees: We regret that we find it necessary to assess a 3.99% fee if you choose to use a credit or debit card. We gladly accept checks, cash and if you sign an ACH form, your fee can be paid by your bank. Fees cannot be deducted from your refund, per IRS regulations. The cost of USPS Priority Mail, FedEx, UPS and local private delivery will be added to your invoice.

IRS, NYS or other tax authority notices: Both the IRS and NYS are sending more computer generated notices to request additional information or for clarification of data in your tax return. These notices may indicate you have an additional balance due or an adjusted refund. We will review these notices and respond as needed. If there is an error in preparation, there will be no fee for the response. If there is no error on our part and/or the taxing authority requires additional information, we will prepare a response. You will be billed at standard hourly rates for any response on your behalf.

The past couple of years have been challenging for all of us. Thank you for your understanding.

Thomas A. Petrella, CPA

Michael M. Phillips, CPA


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